Your browser does not support a technology known as "cascading style-sheets" (CSS), or you have turned off that feature.

Cascading style-sheets provide Web designers with more layout flexibility and with additional features (such as more control over text spacing). They also help Web designers to create sites that are more accessible to disabled people.

You can view this site perfectly well without CSS. However, if you do have it this site and many other sites will look better. We recommend that you download a newer browser version whenever it's next convenient.

The latest versions of both major browsers support CSS to an extent. Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5 has the best implementation at the time of writing. However, we prefer the interface of Netscape Navigator 4.5.

If your browser is 4.0 or above, then it does support CSS but you've turned it off. On Netscape, you can turn it back on by choosing the Edit menu, then Preferences, then Advanced, then make sure "Enable JavaScript" and "Enable style sheets" are both checked. (Stylesheets don't work unless JavaScript is on.)

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